Monday, 25 November 2013

The Advent Calender !

So, here we are ! Before we know it, we happen to be just a month away from Christmas,  the most awaited festival that falls during this most wonderful winter season and we have lots of things lined up for this lovely season ahead. Just a month left and so much to do ! Yes, we need to pull up our socks,  plan and organize our stuff and  get ready for all the fun. The first thing the kids do is ask " How  many days until Christmas? "  the moment we step into the month of December and instead of losing your head answering their query every second day, what I thought I could do is  make an advent calender for them to make life easy for myself and also to make the run up to Christmas all the more exciting for them. Each day, (starting from the 25th of November till the 24th of  December) will have an activity in store for them.  So here we go. I took a few tips from the various blogs that I love and started to make one . Of course, the kids were a major help and this is what we ended up with.
          We made a Christmas tree advent calender where the kids painted a big Christmas Tree on a chart paper . They were thrilled to use water paints and I allowed them to make a mess of it . In any case, I had to cut the outline and pin it to their soft board.

Then, came the baubles . We used some coloured paper and stuck them to a chart paper and cut out circles from them. Each bauble has a date and an activity written at the back .

Here is the Christmas tree the kids painted. It's been stuck on the soft board and is waiting for some decoration.

Now the activity baubles go up and the tree looks pretty enough for our liking :) Some odd buttons go up too, to fill in those gaps :) The little star at the top is made by the kids too with ice cream sticks .

The fun activities start from today.  Simple things but good enough to keep them busy and excited. The first one being this :

The activities chalked out for the entire advent season are simple but exciting and we will try to stick to them as much as we can  though I feel some may go haywire depending upon certain factors like my visiting family, of course that might alter things but then that is something we are more than happy to adjust with . After all, Christmas is all about family getting together, isn't it ? :)

A look at our activities starting from today  ~~

~ Write a letter to a family member.
~ Read your Christmas books.
~ Make a piece of crazy art.
~ Cut paper snowflakes.
~ Feed the birds.
~ Make and decorate a Christmas stocking.
~ Go for a walk and collect things for the nature table.
~ Make a winter nature table.
~ Make stars for the window.
~ Make Christmas ornaments with leaves and twigs.
~ Bake Christmas cookies.
~ Write a letter to Santa.
~ Donate old toys and clothes.
~ Make Christmas cards.
~ String popcorn for the tree. ( please don't eat any ! )
~ Make tags for gifts.
~ Have hot chocolate and play games .
~ Sing carols.
~ Make phone calls to people you love ( each kid allowed 2 calls ,okay maybe one more )
~ Get the crib ready.
~ Decorate the Christmas tree.
~ Make ornaments.
~ Decorate the outdoors.
~ Get your room ready for Christmas.
~ Go shopping !
~ Decorate your wrapping paper.
~ Make wreaths .
~ Call friends over for a cookie exchange party.
~ Decorate your room.
~ Preparations for Christmas eve .

And soon it will be Christmas day !!!!

We'll be sharing all the fun filled activities here, well, as much as we can, stay tuned :)

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