Monday, 22 June 2015

Summers are here ~

Every Summer has it's own story ~
 Summer has come blazing and is playing havoc in our lives as usual. In our part of the world, it's not exactly a time when your lips break into a song or the heart jumps with joy like it does in Spring. On the contrary, the flowers wither and perish, streams and rivers dry up bereft of their smooth, clear glass curves leaving behind a sluggish, muddy residue along their pebbly beds, the cloudless skies show no promise of any rain while the Earth bakes in the heat of an unforgiving sun. As life carries on with a semblance of normality it won't be wrong to say I despise ill health and the month of June with equal passion .
If I have already painted a sorry picture of the long endless summer days, let me make it up by saying that there is a LOT to love about summers too and there are ways and means to tackle this sweet monster and every year just before the onset of this terribly harsh but equally enjoyable season, I set aside my list of grievances and put on my rose tinted glasses to peer at the myriad colours that ONLY a Summer palette can display :)

As April starts to knock on our doors, we know that Summers are peeping inside, ready to barge in any moment and the signs of Gulmohar buds starting to open on their deep-in-slumber trees only reiterates the fact. It's amazing how the trees that have silently been there all along suddenly shed their ghost and start blooming in profusion. Our entire neighbourhood is dotted with many Gulmohar trees and walking under them is almost like walking under a bright red flowery sky. The red awning of blooms stretches from one corner to another endlessly. There is a huge tree just next to my house and the guy who irons clothes of the entire neighbourhood stands under it carrying out his daily ironing chores making me envy his life that particular time of the year ;) Whenever the managing society decides to prune the branches that hinder the electrical wires , my 'iron man' very sweetly brings some of those discarded branches to me. They happily adorn some corners of my home for the next few days :)

Bougainvilleas are the only flowers apart from Gulmohars that play an important role in decking up the corners of my home mainly because they are the only ones that bloom in a fuss free manner in the maddening summer heat .

Home is where the heart finds solace and in summers, even the body ! Who would want to leave the cool confines of home and venture out in the sun . To make the surroundings even more appealing , heavy drapes make way for finer sheers. Whenever an errant breeze whispers through the garden, rustling the leaves, the soft fabric ripples inward  letting in a small gush of wind :)

The jamuns laden on trees start to show their true colour which differs from green to different hues of purple , slowly taking shape :)

Other fruits and berries also start to make their annual albeit short appearance vying for attention :)

But the pride and popularity of a mango tree cannot be substituted for anything in the world. It is the undisputed king of all fruits and nothing can take it's crown away during the summer season.

There are numerous ways in which mangoes find a way into our homes and hearts and no matter how hard you try to refuse, you cannot resist it for long :)

On a given day, it will soothe your parched throats in the form of aam panna and also save you from a heat stroke. The combination of mint and boiled raw mangoes spiced with rock salt and sugar is a sure winner on a hot blazing day !

The ones that are 'pickled' in a barni and put under the strong sun tickle the taste buds throughout the year :) 

The ones cooked with jaggery, chilly flakes and spices make a sweet and sour chutney that will happily accompany your meals and leave you greedy for more .

Attending a mango festival where thousands of varieties are on display , makes you believe that there is no other fruit on earth that enjoys such adulation by people from all walks of life :)

Indoor greens are the only kind of greenery the eyes get to see during Summers ( well, mostly) . I try and bring most of my plants indoors or create a kind of conservatory for my plants to save them from the harsh rays of the sun .

The only thing that is constant in my life irrespective of the changing season is my love for chai and I always find a reason good enough even in the heat to enjoy a nice hot cuppa and if there is a good setting as an ambiance , it enhances the chai time moments :)

Just when the Gulmohars,  done with their duty of brightening our days, get ready to make an exit, the Amaltash or laburnum makes it's much awaited appearance :) The bright blooms hang like a chandelier on the streets and at our doorstep opening their warm, yellow hearts to all and sundry .

While in my own garden, there is not much colour to boast of but this Golden Duranta surprises us with it's lovely, velvety blooms making up for the lack of others !

\Another hardy flowering plant that loves the heat and enjoys the scorching sun is the bat face cuphea. The stronger the sun, the brighter it blushes . The naughty impish flower looks  like a mosquito's face to me but the purple-crimson combination gives a lovely effect in my garden :)


The house interiors always suffer a pounding during Summers I feel. There are days when I don't pay any attention to anything except for keeping them clutter free and clean. It's always too hot to spend time doing up the rooms . I just let them be as they are till it starts to bother me . The quickest way to repair my conscience on such days is to change the covers, the sheets, the mats , quickly put together a few stems of flowers in my favourite containers and dress them up as gaudily as taste permits :)

 When it comes to home decor, colour therapy always works for me and coupled with different textures, it emerges a winner in every sense of the word :)
Wrapping up with happy thoughts of spending my solitary moments here in this corner for the next couple of days till I'm ready to change it yet again :) Will see you next time  along with the rains :)
So long ..... enjoy the summers and keep those dreams alive !!!


  1. Reshma..beautifully written..evocative of the heat of summer and the loveliness of Nature. Sunila. Trying again to see if it didn't last time

  2. Beautiful post Reshma. Very well written and loaded with eye candies.

  3. Hi Reshma. I've just come back from rain drenched Kolkata and hope you have managed to enjoy barish ke mazze by now as well:) Your mango chutney looks yummy...almost want to dip and lick. I LOVE your cushions with the pankha shot- lovely colours. Your post has made me nostalgic. The jamuns and phaalse evoke such vivid memories. What is it about food and nostalgia, eh?
    Your flower shots are awesome. And thank you for introducing me to bat face cuphea. I have never grown them- will try to source some for the next growing season. xx

  4. Gulmohar, jamun, mangos and color therapy.. Whats not to love about summer in these terms :) love this post Reshma:)

  5. Very refreshing to see the colours.......everything...the cushions, the decor......perfectly blended.


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