Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My love for outdoors !

My Love for outdoors.....

A  big hello and my first proper post here has to be about something I love the most when it comes to home decor. I feel indoors and outdoors both are key elements when it comes to giving a complete finish to your home and I must admit I have a soft spot for all the outdoor niches that I have created in my home. I have clearly inherited this love for the outdoors from my parents, who live in a small town that still boasts of hosting big bungalows and sprawling lawns. Whenever I visit them, we spend more time out in the garden sitting  under the cloth canopy held by an iron frame right in the middle of the manicured lawns with white chairs mostly occupied by the cats who after spending tiring hours of  catching butterflies and insects, decide to take a snooze there, the children running around the long driveway as if they have just been released on bail,trying to savour every moment of their freedom .The gentle breeze, the quiet surroundings and the lovely sight of my mother's garden is the best place to relax. We have our first cup of  tea there and at times our breakfast too is served right there. So memories like these are hard to flush out of the system even when you know you can't get to enjoy this bliss when you go back to your home, where even possessing a small patch of green is nothing short of a luxury in itself.
                                         These are images of my mom's garden taken from my last visit along with a few lines that come to my mind every time I visit my childhood home.....
                                         There's a garden in every childhood,
                                         an enchanted place,
                                         where colours are brighter,
                                         the air softer and the morning
                                         more fragrant than ever before ~ Elizabeth Lawrence

Now coming back to my home in a slightly bigger town than my parents', I have tried to recreate some small outdoor corners  that remind me of my own childhood. I have a small garden , so can't do much with it but I have a small terrace on the 1st floor and some balconies that I have designed and created by adding potted plants, terracotta figurines and other such artifacts and I will share the same with you all in my next post. Bye for now :)


  1. This is my Heaven haven. Living in Kolkata, we can only enjoy it on our visit to Allahabad. Waiting for more insight on your garden.

  2. Oh how lovely.. I love how you’ve made the blog such a personal place.. and shared a bit of you in it.. *smiles*>. Welcome to blog land..


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