Monday, 22 July 2013

My love for the outdoors- 2 ( My pink Warli wall)

 Coming back to my love for the outdoors in my own home, I have to admit it's unfortunate that the weather in my part of the country does not allow me to spend as much time outdoors as I would like to. Either it's too hot or too cold and when it's neither of the two, it's always raining, making it impossible to step outside . Where are the Autumns and the Springs I ask and why don't they exist in my life ? Anyways, it does'nt deter me from carving an outdoor niche in my balcony, garden and  terrace and I always grab a few moments there whenever the weather Gods are smiling upon me :)
I remember the time when we were getting our house constructed, there was this small corner of my terrace that I had especially kept aside for a small 'sit out'. I had drawn it's design and showed it to the contractor whose job was  to execute my plans into action. Now this contractor was about a 100 years old ( so he looked)  known for his experience and expertise in such matters, had a string of well known buildings and residences, not to mention resorts constructed by him tucked under his belt but he clearly did not believe in my theory of evolution. He took one look at the hand sketched drawing and shook his head saying it was out of fashion and nobody makes this anymore and that I'll be wasting all that space on my terrace but this was a sketch that was deeply etched in my mind as well and I could imagine how it would look when it was ready. I could imagine lots of hanging pots, greenery, terracotta stuff, hanging lanterns , floor cushions and a chatai or a rug thrown on the ground and me having my morning cuppa. I stood my ground firmly and after a lot of discussions and arguments, he finally gave in with a shrug of shoulders .
           It was really fascinating to see this place take shape and I watched the workers as they carved these crevices into square shaped niches, the plaster thicker than it was on other walls, the dome that covers this small stone bench was again a pleasure to watch and finally I could see this little place taking the shape I wanted it to take.
    Now, I love painting walls and I always wanted to have  a Warli wall in my home and that too a pink one, not because it's a girlie colour but because I find it very refreshing and soothing, so went ahead and painted it right away. Warli always fascinated me. Just a circle, two triangles and crooked limbs are all you need to give this art form whatever expression you want. I loved painting this wall and felt sad when it got over. I could have done more but just ran out of space.

The same place during Diwali. It looked lovely with all the lighted diyas and candles.

This is one of my favourite corners in my house and a great place to enjoy the weather, if it's pleasant, that is, a great place to entertain friends or just to spend the evening with family :)


  1. Hi didi..been reading your posts happy you finally took to blogging:) That's quite an interesting tale with your are a tough nut to crack aren't you..haha;) seriously though, didn't know you had designed this yourself? SO glad you did 'cause this is one of my most fav parts of the how you've shaped it up..hard to believe it's all hand painted..the love & passion you give into doing up the place totally comes through in the I'd love to sit here ..with so much beauty around..& a steaming cuppa :D

  2. this has always been my favorite :)

  3. Oh I love that pink warli wall.. Love how you've used the colour 'pink'.. not too many would think of a pink wall... and that too for warli.. I've always loved your home.. and every corner in there... :)

  4. You have a lovely home, Reshma. And your eye for the little details is evident. Loved all the colors and texture.

  5. thats amazing............i just happened to visit your blog going thru someothers.i hav no words to describe.i am left speechless seeing your aangan and terrace sitout.ur simply superb.i am filled with happiness seeing such a unique beautiful creation

    1. Thank you so much , Kiran for the wonderful feedback. It's always nice to hear that. Please do keep visiting :)


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