Friday, 13 February 2015

Presenting Bohemian Weaves ~

It's no big secret to those who know me well that anything handcrafted, handpainted or handwoven has a special place in my heart. I lose myself in the Art and Craft bazaars that I visit and I often find myself bringing home most of the stuff I find there. Our country is richly endowed with so many specialized arts but it is unfortunate that many of them come in the category of 'dying arts'. It is also unfortunate because there are lots of people who are passionate about  handmade stuff  but don't know where to find them or purchase them. The lack of availability is perhaps the main cause of  downslide in this area I feel . That's why when  Vaijayanthi from Bohemian Weaves invited me to have a look at her products, I just couldn't help sharing them here :)

 Normally my blog is a place where I love to brag about my own self  and about things connected with my own home but for the first time, I am turning the spotlight on this lovely Bangalore based studio where they offer home decor and furnishing products that include crewel embroidery, furnishings from handloom fabrics, kalamkari work, block and screen printing, handmade ceramics and baskets handwoven from grass . Okay, so get ready to take a look at the lovely products :)

This is what Vaijayanthi has to say about Bohemian Weaves, "Bohemian Weaves is about celebrating the colorful, vast and immensely rich handicrafts that India is blessed with. It’s about bringing home d├ęcor and furnishing products made with incredible talent, skill, beauty and soul to the market, while giving the artisans their rightful due. It’s about sourcing responsibly. It’s about sustaining, protecting and growing Indian traditions. Our traditions.
At Bohemian Weaves a great deal of effort and energy is spent scouring the country to get products that are contemporary in design while keeping its traditional integrity intact.We currently work with artisans from all over the country from Jammu and Kashmir to TamilNadu, Rajasthan to West Bengal.Care is taken to ensure the products are of high quality.We passionately pursue well made, unique, beautiful and colorful (yes! We love color) products to bring to our customers. "

I'm sure you loved their products just as much as I did. These are just the kind of things that I keep bringing home all the time. The best thing I liked about their stuff is the varied colour scheme they offer. There are subtle and sober shades and then there are the bold and vibrant ones too. I'm sure there is something for everyone out there . Do visit their Facebook page and see if you find something of your choice which they can ship to your doorstep :)
Thank you for joining me here :)

All images belong to Bohemian Weaves .


  1. Lovely stuff Reshma, I liked the multi-coloured cushion a lot.

  2. Disha ... Glad you like our products. Thank you :)

  3. Lovely stuff, Bohemian Weaves will get into my must-visit list!

  4. This is sooooooo lovely, treat to the eyes as well as the soul......absolutely beautiful!!!!!


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