Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Foggy mornings ~

Hello there ! I'm updating my blog after a long, long gap and I do want to thank all of you who dropped in mails and messages asking about my absence. Well, I really didn't know there were people missing me here ;) Okay, nothing much besides general laziness and of course some internet problems . My laptop had developed some ailments too so that had to be attended to. So all my internet activities had been restricted thanks to all that chaos. Anyways and anyhow , I am back :)

Winters are officially here at my end . The morning comes covered with a thick blanket of fog. Every morning when I get up, I run to the terrace first thing to check out how dense it is. There is a thrill in the magical fog, a feeling of nothingness. The world around you seems lost although you are standing in familiar surroundings . The best part is there is a fragrance in the air...that sweet foggy fragrance. I love to take in as much as I can before I go down and start my day and wake up my kids for school, pack their lunch boxes and pack them off to school.  This is how my neighbourhood looks from the main gate :)

And from my terrace :)

So, now that the Winters are here and the last month of the year is racing along, there is lots happening at my end. There are dashes of colour popping up here and there in the garden. I have been experimenting a lot with baskets this year.There have been some lovely art and craft exhibitions being held, book fairs , the best of all 'The Mahotsav' which is a mega event and of course with the holiday season ahead, lots of Christmas fun in store. Will be sharing all the fun here with you . Stay tuned and keep smiling :) So long ...


  1. I can actually feel the fog! and combo of white flowers in the background of green is so serene.. All together beautiful morning :)


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