Saturday, 15 March 2014

The festival of colours !

 Holi ~

So, here comes the festival of colours though I have to admit I'm no big fan of this festival. I do abhor the mess and muck that comes along with it. I do not like the impact of colour on the skin, the stains that refuse to go and the marks it leaves on the inside of nails for days at a stretch. The way Holi is played in India , leaves you cringing but then again, I have to admit that there is an excitement and enthusiasm in the air that is a harbinger of this festival and it is infectious no doubt. Many of my closest friends play Holi with a lot of zest and vigour so, saying anything against it might just cost me my life;)

The first signs of Holi just being around the corner are the various carts carrying mounds of gulal ( dry colours ). It is a sight that surely makes you smile. There are also various water guns ( pichkaris) in assorted shapes , colours sizes adorning these carts and this makes my kids go crazy with excitement. They love playing Holi and I don't stop them from doing so but they are ONLY allowed to play with dry colours otherwise the house is in a total mess .

 Every corner and street is dotted with these carts carrying colours , heaps and heaps of it :)

The day normally goes by watching people from our terrace and balcony going crazy with colours on the street. Our nextdoor  neighbours have this big Holi hangama in their home. There is music, lots of colour, lots of people who are beyond any trace of recognition and lots of thandai making rounds but seriously, I have always very politely turned down their invitation of attending the party and thankfully they don't insist ( phew ! )

 Of course, what are Indian festivals without snacks and delicacies and gujiyas are a major part of Holi. I made a few just to get the kids involved in some kind of festivity and gobbled down four of them as soon as they were ready ( would you believe that ? ) :D

But they were delicious ;)
Nimkis and khajur are also some munchies that go well with the gulal and gujiyas especially when family, friends and neighbours come visiting in the evening. You actually lose count of how many of each you have consumed. The endless chatter and laughter makes one forget what to eat and how much to eat. Sigh ! Those calories !

So as we get ready for Holi, I do hope it will be a good one.  I hope people play safely and  enjoy the festival keeping certain dos and don'ts in mind. Colours are beautiful and they should be used in a beautiful manner. Stay safe and celebrate the festival the way it should be :) Happy Holi !


  1. Your post took me back to my childhood and the Holi hungama we used to enjoy. I haven't played Holi for many years now and I do miss it. Your mithai looks delicious. Fond memories reignited by your post. Thank you:)

    1. Thank you so much Arti. I'm glad the post reminded you of your childhood during this festival. Glad to hear from you :) And yes, the mithai was delicious. Ended up on the weighing scales :)

    2. Weighing scales? What's that? The Doha tempratures are touching 45 degrees now, so the garden needs to be put to rest for the next season which has given me time to get back to my blogging. Hope to see you in my neck of the woods (blogspot) soon:)


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