Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My small patch of green !

                            I live in the garden,
                           I just sleep in the house ~~~

Flowers are essentially the one thing that can always make me smile irrespective of the mood, situation or the company. I am easy to please , in fact the husband wooed me with flowers . Before marriage, he needed no coaxing , pushing or nagging.  He and flowers were like hand and glove and that's why I thought he was the right man to marry . Even if other things did'nt fall in place at least there would always be flowers in my life (which actually does'nt sound logical now but it did some fifteen years back ) but a few years later, I realised that while other things did fall in place, the regular flow of flowers stopped.  As the years rolled by, the only time I received flowers was on my birthday and our anniversary and that too at my own behest. Sigh ! That was'nt too exciting !
    My love for flowers goes back to my childhood days I guess. We always had a big garden and my mother grew the most beautiful flowers . She still does and we are a flower/ garden crazy family. It was'nt surprising that this trait peeped out from the depths of my being once I had a house to maintain after marriage. Of course the first ten years  were spent in rented homes where we could not afford a garden, either there was no space for one or we did'nt have the permission so there I sneaked in a few pots in nooks and crannies or wherever I could but the last two years have been kind to me. My small patch of green has provided me with ample space and opportunity to go green . It's a small patch as the name suggests but does'nt stop me from cramming in as much as I can ;)
The garden has just started taking shape and blobs of colours have just started to appear and I'm always eager to show them off . I could have waited for them to turn into a riot of colours but then why should any flower  blush unseen. Here is sneak peek of the garden, my 'stress free' zone,  my little babies who are still on complan and need to grow some more :)

  My baby pink blooms that look like candy floss. I have forgotten the name so if any flower lover out there  knows what it's called, please do tell :)

Gazanias .




Nasturtiums .


The pretty rose in it's first full flush :)





Sweet Alyssum.


The vegetable patch is all thanks to the husband. He takes great pride and joy in planting veggies and being told ' This is from our garden' every time something from there is included in our meals .
Even a small red chilly in the salad picked from the garden makes his day ;)

The cherry tomatoes and they are really juicy .

Basil . This happens to be the best thing in the garden. I make a lot of basil- tomato sauce for pastas and pizzas and since this is right under my nose, I don't have to go looking for it in the market :)

 Spinach. Well, you cannot make palak paneer out of this but surely can pull out a handful for soups and other things :)

Coriander. As fresh as it can get :)

Some more spinach.

And some more cherry tomatoes .

Bok choy. Just for some seasoning.


So, that was part 1. Part 2 will follow soon. Lots of flowers still in the budding stage , lots of veggies still to sprout. How can I not share this joy with the world !!

 Coming back to flowers, I still stop at the florists, more out of greed than need but now I just pick up bunches and wave out to my husband to pay for it. Now, that's called wisening up :)


  1. Lovely write up Reshma.....It was a delight going through such beautiful pics......freshened me up !!!

  2. Thank you Ritu. It's always great to hear from you :)

  3. You have such a talent for writing reshma di! It was an absolute delight to read your narrative, and to see all the gorgeous pictures! Can't wait for more!

  4. Thank you Surabhi. Only sisters can say things as nice as this :) Hugs !

  5. Hi Reshma, I am new to your blog space (spotted you on rang decor) and was immediately drawn to the title of your post. I, too, live in my garden - (spiritually almost all the time). Loved your post and the pics...especially the last line about wisening up. Happy gardening:)

  6. Thank you so much Arti. It's really nice when people stumble upon my blog and give a positive feedback. I'm glad you and I share the same passion here. Thank you :) Do keep visiting !

  7. Lovely pictures Reshma! Flowers just make me so happy... Happy Spring season to you! :)

  8. Thank you so much Priti :) So nice to hear from you here . Wish you a very happy spring too !

  9. Hi Reshma. Just wanted to share my little garden with you. You can find what it means to me on
    Enjoy the spring.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this Arti. I will go visit your garden straight away :)

  10. Reshma your garden reflects your own personality. It's truly unique and stunning. Love it.

    1. Thank you so much Puja :) Thanks for all the love !

  11. Reshma, just gorgeous! I miss gardening so much. All I have here is a matchbox sized yard. :(

    1. Kamini, thank you so much :) Space is a constraint for me as well but thankfully there are a few balconies that I keep cramming every now and then :)

  12. I have probably used up all the exclamatory words in my vocab describing your home and corners but your garden is totally drool worthy. Also it shows how much love and hard work goes in here :) . Loved it.

    1. Sunita, thank you so much . It's great to hear from you here and also to connect with you on my personal page.I'm glad you liked my little patch of green . Please do keep visiting :)


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