Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My home this Christmas !

Hello all,
             Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. At my end, we are still in the holiday mood and are enjoying the cold, foggy wintry days. The kids have their winter break, so no deadlines, no getting up early, no rush hours in the morning and generally lots of lazing and eating but that's what winters are for ;)
      Every year on Christmas, the family gets together , either at my parents place or at my place and this year it was my place so there was lots of fun, lots of happy moments , laughter, enjoyment and lots of family time which we all enjoyed.
       Sharing some images from my home, things that I loved putting together, things that we had started doing much before the main day, things my kids have been involved in too.....for Christmas day :)

Some handmade tags for the gifts made by me and the kids to add the special touch , anything that is hand made is straight from the heart or so we like to believe :)

The tags for the kids' gifts. They love to see Santa on their Christmas presents :)

My Christmas tree near the big living room window along with some candles, lanterns and Poinsettias to ring in the Christmas spirit :)

And the gift under it ...well this was a dummy one. The real ones made their appearance only on Christmas eve :)

Our days are starry too :)

And the nights were warm and cozy ...err not really ! It's quite cold actually !

The totally loaded Christmas tree. The stringed popcorn and the puffed rice garlands added to the charm.

Bells and stars all over the place .

The gift ornaments were my kids' favourite ones so we had lots of them on the tree :)

Votives on the window sill along with some lights and baubles :)

What's Christmas without some candle light ??

 The yummy brownies made by my sister in law who's great at baking :)

And some 'Dinner time' moments :)

A closer shot of the tree :)

And the table center piece :)

Those were some Christmasy moments from my home and as they  say Christmas memories live forever, I'm sure mine will too. Nothing like spending time with your family and loved ones especially on festivals.
Now, as the year comes to an end, so long 2013 and welcome 2014 !! Wishing all my friends and readers here a very happy and prosperous new year full of love, laughter, good health and peace. May this year  bring you everything your heart desires :)  Keep those dreams alive !!


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