Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A birthday party with a butterfly theme !

A Birthday party with a butterfly theme !

So, picking up from where I left in my previous post, we had a butterfly themed birthday party for my daughter who turned 10, few days back. Girls, no matter what age, love butterflies ( why, even I do ) and it was a simple and sweet theme to go with. Last year, I did an 'Alice in wonderland' and had to do a lot of ground work before I started planning it but this year I did'nt have to do any homework  since it did'nt require any and the simplicity of the theme is what made it all the more appealing. There were already some butterfly accessories lying in the house and then all we had to do was to make several cutouts from butterfly stencils and see what we could use them as. My mother, who is an extremely creative person, helps me every year with the planning and execution of these parties. In fact, all I do is discuss the theme I have in mind with her and she comes up with some amazing ideas pertaining to the same and even takes charge of making most of the decorations herself. So we started planning for the party a month prior to the birthday and we must have made hundreds of  butterfly cut outs which later on went up on dry twigs, some were stringed together with beads and straw pipes, some were put on rings to form a wreath and some made into a chandelier. So, we had lots of fun getting creative with the little butterfly cutouts.
     This is how the place looked after we spent a whole day trying to beautify it with our butterflies.

A small corner in the living room . The big butterfly wings were store bought and the rest was made by my mom and me at home.

Some found their way on dry twigs as well.

A Butterfly center piece for the table.

 Butterfly shaped sandwiches which the kids devoured in no time. I could make these thanks to a friend who got me cookie cutters this size and shape. My mom prepared the filling and mom in law helped in cutting them to shape. Great to have the whole family together on such occasions :)

 Now this was a tricky thing to make under pressure. I am no cookie expert and I almost burnt a batch of these cookies. Thankfully, it went unnoticed and I even got compliments by the kids on this. Phew ! I just got lucky I guess ;)

A butterfly chandelier made by me hung in the center of the room.

Our main entrance had butterflies to greet the guests :)

The plates waiting to be picked up by the kids.

Some butterfly stick outs for the outdoor area gifted to me by the same friend who brought the cookie cutter :)

 And the cake . We went for a very simple chocolate cake with a few butterflies climbing up and making themselves comfortable at certain places. The icing almost got ruined when my son piled up some gifts near the cake box and this was when the cake had just arrived. Thankfully it still looked  presentable.

So that was it. There were butterfly games like the butterfly hunt, there were goody bags with butterfly figures, a butterfly diary, a butterfly sharpener and a butterfly key ring with a personal message for each kid inside it and it was lots of fun.
       Birthday parties whether themed or unthemed are always a joy. Nothing like loads of kids running around, laughing, giggling and generally enjoying . When we were small, we never had anything such as themed parties and they were fun too but in the times we are living, we have so many ideas and inspirations just at the touch of a button via the internet. I feel it's easier for me to plan a party if I have a theme in mind, the planning and organizing part becomes much easier for me. I know what exactly I have to do instead of a thousand things brimming in my mind. That's just how I see it .
      I have only planned birthday parties with a theme for my daughter, at least so far because my son unfortunately was born just a week before Christmas so we already had a Christmassy theme running in the house and it was difficult to include a birthday set up in it but now he says he wants a Superman theme this year so I'm in a real fix. Let's see if I can fit in Superman amidst a Christmas tree, baubles, bells and stars. This is going to test me big time and I'm hoping to pull it off somehow or maybe talk him out of it. Well, I still have time for that ;)
                             Hope you liked the party pictures as much as I liked putting them up for you :)


  1. Awesome job, Resham and Helen! the pics are gorgeous.. so much time and effort, but the reults look completely worth it! Kudos!

    1. Thank you, Chris :) Glad you liked the pics !

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Neha and it's lovely to hear from you here :)

  3. Lovely theme,Reshma!Loved reading your write up and the pretty pictures to go with it!

  4. Happy Birthday to your little butterfly.. Thats the cutest birthday I've ever seen... filled with so much love.. passion.. I admire your patience.. Truly... The kids must have been ever so happy.. :)

  5. Reshma.....awesome girl....Earlier I didn't find time to visit your blog but now I feel like reading all the stuff here...Its really great to see you evolve into such good blogger...
    I liked all your posts but this one is my favorite as it shows the kind of attention you paid to minute details..
    loads of love n good wishes..
    keep blogging..

    1. Thank you so much, Swati. You made my day :)

  6. Beautiful reshma. Hats off to you and your mum. Grt ideas. I am just loving to read all your pages in your blog just now.

    1. Thank you so much Pushkala . So happy to hear from you and yes my mom is my biggest strength. It's great having her around for these occasions. Thanks for your feedback and do keep coming back :)


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